Promotional Apparel Trends for 2017

Styles change rapidly in the retail clothing market, so we need to stay abreast of how those translate to promotional apparel.  The overall fashion theme for 2017 appears to be “what’s old is new again”, so keep retro and vintage garments in mind when making your purchasing decisions.  Here are the highlights…

Dad Hats:  These are unstructured, cotton or canvas baseball caps with a slightly curved bill and strap back.  They got their name from those styles worn by parents at barbeques and little league games.  Young adults are leaving the flat-bill caps popular for the past decade for these vintage favorites.  Now, the same cap style will please both young adults and those over the age of 30 that still prefer the vintage styling.

Heather:  This term refers to interwoven yarns of mixed colors producing “flecks” of an alternate color.  The most traditional ones use shades of gray along with another color to produce a muted appearance.  However, heathered fabrics using bright and contrasting thread colors are becoming popular.  One of the most exciting heathered fabrics just becoming available now is “Black Heather” which is a truly black garment with lighter fibers.  Click on this link to take look:  .

Short-sleeve Sweatshirts:  Standard length and cropped styles are expected to be popular women’s styles.

Heritage Tees: Consider ringer tees, baseball tees and varsity tees for the retro look, but be sure to select styles that offer the contemporary performance features that we have come to expect such as moisture-wicking and cooling fabrication.

Color Blocks, Neon and Tipping:  These eye-catching techniques are being seen in men’s and women’s styles.

Polos:  Prints traditionally associated with men’s woven shirts are being used in Polos, such as gingham (checks of white and one other color) and tattersall (plaids).

Scuba Necks:  This style refers to pull-over hoodies with a drawstring hood which include traditional sweatshirt and fleece styles as well as performance garments.

Pleats and Pink:  We are seeing a resurgence in femininity in women’s fashions which includes styles with pleats and numerous shades of pink from pastel and rose to neon and magenta.

Insect-Repelling Apparel:  These styles go beyond moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties to repelling ticks, ants, flies, fleas, chigger, midges and mosquitoes.

Slub:  These textured fabrics have retained thread imperfections like lumps and knots during the weaving process to produce a natural appearance and is most often used for upscale and organic tee shirts.

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 Source:         Ruvo, Christopher, “Promotional Apparel Trends for 2017”, Advantages, Advertising Specialty Institute, November 21, 2016.


Author:             Connie King

Published:        December 2016

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