Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens are back? That’s right! Fountain Pens with their elegant, beautiful and flowing script are being requested at astounding rates in both retail and promotional settings! This interest appears to be fueled by young professionals and their attraction to vintage styles and products. Fountain Pens have always been available within the promotional products industry, but with this newfound revival there are more styles being offered to consider.

Fountain Pens write different than ballpoint pens and have always been the choice among calligraphy artists because one can customize the writing experience and style with different nibs and inks. Fountain Pens use liquid water-based ink as opposed to ballpoint and rollerball pens which use thicker oil-based inks. Because of the thinner ink and delivery system to the paper Fountain Pens require a lighter touch when writing and will glide over the paper with ease.

In case you are more familiar with ballpoint pens than fountain pens, here are the key features and parts to know…

Nibs are the metal tip of fountain pens which transfer the ink to the paper. They are usually made of stainless steel or gold can be changed for different writing styles, preferences and techniques.
Feed is how the ink travels from the inside of the pen to the nib. There is a row of parallel slices for air to enter the chamber and take the place of the departing ink to prevent blotting.
Ink can be drawn up into the pen from an inkwell or bottle, or one can use pre-filled cartridges. In either case, Fountain Pens are all refillable.

Fountain Pens are a sophisticated, elegant and classic promotional products choice that will be popular among professionals, lawyers, doctors and executives to mark a career milestone, show appreciation, or recognize performance and contribution.

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Author: Connie King
Published: February 2017

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